Carolyn Ridsdale is an award-winning illustrator noted for her distinctive photographic collages. She takes elements from the printed matter that surrounds us, re-arranges them and feeds them back into the same medium giving a constant contemporary feel to her images.

Well known for bringing a humorous twist to even the driest of subjects, and for both
illuminating and illustrating the text with original and intelligent insights of her own,
Ridsdale has worked for a variety of international clients during her twenty year career.

Heineken, Saatchi & Saatchi, FHV/BBDO, Financieele Dagblad, het Volkskrant, Elsevier, Psychologie, the Australian Financial Review, KLM, Delta Lloyd, Nuon, KPN, UWV, SVB Bank, Unive, Avans University, Nederlandsche Bank, Esta, Quote, Boers en Croon, Arcadia University, Readers Digest, Playboy, Law Society Journal NSW, Law Society Journal VIC, Working Mother, Intermediair, Wolters Noordhoff, SAFE, Property EU, MT, MORE, Novaa, Plus, Opzij, de Pers, NCRV Gids, Fancy, Arts en Auto, Geldgids, Boom Chicago, Hypothese, Nijgh Versluys, DNA.